Health Educator Training

NEW! Tuesday Webcast Workshops: 

Health Educator Training

Discover the Science of Natural Health
Ayurveda - Muscle Testing - Nutrition - Herbs

Learn at your own pace. Receive one video per week and then meet for a three day intensive at the end of the course. 

Web-Classes with Derrick Pawo 
Practice Intensives with Aruna Rigdzin 

Discover Ayurveda, Muscle Testing, Nutrition, Herbs and much more in a easy step by step training. Take your Health Counseling to the next level and learn everything you will need to begin practicing on yourself or with your clients. Learn at your own pace and focus on what works in practical cases. 


Module 1
Web Classes: Aug 26 - Sept 30
Tuesdays at 12pm PST
Oct 17 - 19  
Practice Intensive in Berkeley, CA

3 Day Practicum Class:

Hands On, Guided Step by Step Training
In-Depth Support on Real Cases
Practice, Practice, Practice
Take Health Counseling to the Next Level
Everything You Need for a Practice

You Will Learn…

  • The Science of Reliable Muscle Testing
  • The Keys to Deep Healing & Reliable Results
  • Encoding & Mastering the Head Fields
  • Secrets to Safe, Effective Detoxification
  • Kidney, Minerals & Bone Health
  • Secrets of pH testing and pH Balancing
  • Foundational Testing – Mastering QRA
  • Healing the Digestion
  • Appetite, Metabolism and Elimination
  • Overlooked Infections Driving Chronic Issues
  • Parasites & the Power Chain
  • Enemas & Liver/Gallbladder Flush
  • Turning Around Non-Responsive Cases
  • Exogenous Detox; Mudding, Soak & Castor
  • Hidden Causes of Chronic Illness
  • Dental Infections
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • EMF Remediation For Your Home and Office
  • Working with Sensitive Cases, Tough Cases
  • Tailoring Sessions to Your Clients Needs
  • Reading Ayurvedic Body Types
  • How to Start from Chief Complaints
  • Heart Health & Cardiovascular Issues
  • Hormonal Balance & Reproductive Issues
What People Are Saying About QRA College…
“Thank you so much for making this available. Derrick is a  wonderful, caring and knowledgeable teacher.  I think this is such an important program for really understanding
these concepts.”
“Absolutely Awesome.”
“Derrick is an amazing teacher, the way the info is presented is digest-able and great to take into practice. Anyone learning QRA should take this.”
“I love it! More! More! More”
“I am not sure how anyone could practice QRA without the practical guidance... I am much
more confident every time I leave.”
“It is a must.”
“Incredibly detailed explanations.”

“I love everything we are is a must to become a proficient practitioner, hands down.” 


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